NEO Network

Student think tank and network

The NEO Network is a rich and diverse student think tank and network at the largest Swiss universities – from students for students. We are a community of students from every scientific discipline – from law and economics to engineering and physics to medicine and biology across Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels. We are all connected by a shared optimism towards science and technology and a common dedication to explore and address tomorrow‘s challenges.

The diversity of our network is a key ingredient in any of our activities: Whether we explore tomorrow‘s challenges or aim to solve critical and complex problems, diversity powers our endeavors. Needless to say that it allows us to foster pluralistic thinking, to surround us with inspiring fellows and to grow our interdisciplinary network among like‐minded peers.

Upcoming events in Olten will be announced soon.

Board members Hub Olten

Leandro and Ramon, BSc Business Administration, School of Business FHNW

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